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How Meditation Taught Me to EMBRACE Failure Daily

I've been meditating for just over a year now. I started meditation as a direct result of yoga. I started yoga as a form of fitness. So ... fitness led me to embracing failure daily. The thing is, I didn't even realize it until I started this blog. So, here's how I figured out the… Continue reading How Meditation Taught Me to EMBRACE Failure Daily


Liebster Award!

Well ... I was tipped off at work today that there may be a position opening up that would mean a promotion for me if I got it (a raise, yeah!) ... ... AND I was nominated for the Liebster Award. What a week! I am honoured to be nominated based on my still very… Continue reading Liebster Award!

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THE failure

I was a "by the book" person for decades. I followed the rules. I figured out what teachers or professors were looking for and gave them exactly that. I did not think outside of the box. I applauded innovators and out-of-the-box thinking, but didn't think I would ever be one. Then I failed. HUGE. I… Continue reading THE failure



Failures come in all shapes and sizes and in every aspect of our lives. I can easily think of personal failures in my academic life, career, family, romantic relationships, friendships and parenting. I have witnessed other people fail at business and entrepreneurship. Then there are the failures that occur during our daily routine such as… Continue reading Categories


What’s it all about …

I have a tendency to hoard my failures and guard them fiercely. Why? Because my failures serve as warning signs for me. Before I take a risk I review my failures and then decide if the risk is worth taking. "Great real estate investment here!" "Sorry," I say, "I failed at my last real estate… Continue reading What’s it all about …