I want you to contribute to this site with your failures and lessons learned because I believe that sharing helps us to weed through the mistakes to find the lesson. When the lesson is found I believe we are propelled forward in our lives.

I also believe that our failures/lessons are not unique to us. So, by being brave enough to share you will help another person to see that they are not alone and help them to find the lesson that perhaps alluded them in your common failure.

If you have a failure that you would like to share please send an email in the following format:

  1. Basic Structure:
    • Background.
    • Failure.
    • Lesson (see below for more).
  2. Approximately 1000 to 1200 words maximum.
  3. Include a statement that you understand that your submission may be published online and that it may be edited for structure and readability.
  4. You may remain anonymous or have your name included. Please state clearly which you prefer.
  5. Please provide your state/province and country.

The lesson piece should not be “don’t do ____ again”. You should dig deep and determine how this failure changed you as a person.

Send email to or send a message through our facebook page.