Liebster Award!

Well … I was tipped off at work today that there may be a position opening up that would mean a promotion for me if I got it (a raise, yeah!) …

… AND I was nominated for the Liebster Award. What a week!

I am honoured to be nominated based on my still very humble beginnings. Although there is no prize, and it really only means that 1 other blogger looked at my blog, it is still very exciting for me. At this point, with only a few posts published, having 1 person read my posts, see my concept, and nominate me means a lot.
Thank you Sadiya Bello at Bedtime Blabber for the nomination. It means so much more than you might realize.

Sadiya writes a blog borne of curiosity and challenge. Take a look and learn something new. Perhaps you will spark some interesting conversation with her there.

So, what is the Liebster Award?

That is a good question. Before my nomination, I knew that it was an award for new blogs but that was all. Turns out there is more to it.

After the nomination and acceptance there are 2 further steps. First, I am to provide more information about me and my blog by answering a few questions. Second, nominate a number of other new blogs for the award. The criteria for the nominations are: (1) they haven’t been nominated yet; (2) they have less than 1,000 followers; and (3) they are willing to participate.

Without further adieu let’s move on in this award process.

All about me!

What is the most rewarding thing about blogging for me? I process life through the written word. I always have. I had a blog during university for random thoughts and I found reward from organizing my thought dump into a coherent statement and that others found my posts worthy to read. Now, many years later, I decided to set up this blog as a place to share my failures and how I have used them to move forward. I also set this blog up to allow others to do the same (anonymously or not, their choice). I still find reward in processing my jumbled thoughts into organized statements but I believe I will find further reward in helping others. I look forward to learning from each failure story that is submitted.

What is my favourite travel destination and why? Without hesitation, South America. I used to speak spanish well but have become rusty. I love the opportunity to immerse myself in the language and culture. While I practise speaking Spanish I also find the differences in terrain throughout the continent to be amazing and beautiful. There’s so much to see and explore there.

My guilty pleasure. Definitely television. I limit my son’s screen time all day then binge watch shows after he has gone to sleep. One day, when he has grown up, I will admit this hypocrisy to him. But for now I will enjoy my shows. Watching now: Orphan Black.

What am I most grateful for? My son. I never wanted to be a mom. I was a professional and I spent almost every day either at work or working at home. I did not think I could balance work and motherhood and I really enjoyed working. There is a long story as to how I became a mom. The story is not great but the outcome is amazing. Every day I marvel at the things he learns and the fact that I get to witness it. By the way, my commitment to work? Changed. I tried to balance motherhood and my professional life for awhile but in the end decided it was not worth it. Last year I took a much lower paying job based on the employer’s focus on family. I am truly grateful to be able to work at a job that allows me to use my skills and abilities but that gives me plenty of time with my son and time for myself.

If there was a tagline for your life what would it be? I can think of a few:

Tag! You’re it!! (that was the first thing that came to mind)

Scattered on the inside yet convincingly organized on the outside.

  • Everything changes so embrace what you have right now.

Liebster Nominations

I was told to nominate 5-10 blogs. I have reviewed so many good ones that it was tough to choose. So, I chose a full 10. Here they are!

  1. When Emily Goes Out!
  2. Bipolar Battle.
  3. Happily Alice
  4. Recovery Republic.
  5. Sienny Loves Drawing
  6. Smartvive
  7. Keeping up with Denisa
  8. Be Kind 2 Each Other
  9. Cassidy’s Adventures
  10. Life with Isabelle

That’s it! I must say it was fun going through other newbie blogs. There are some great blogs out there!

All the best to my 10 nominees. I look forward to perusing your blogs over the weeks/months/ years to come!




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  1. Thank you so much for nominating me!! It’s been an amazing week I was also nominated for a blogger recognition award by another blogger! I will write my bekind2eachother.wordpress.com this week and post! Thanks again!! Xx

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